About Us

evodo is a truly unique structured company providing multi office solution at an International level. We understand our clients’ need to reduce office costs, but we firmly believe service should not be sacrificed to achieve this goal: This is the reason evodo was established and has rapid expansion with over 30% growths in turnover each year.

Typically we save clients a minimum of 26% on their total office spend per annum, we upgrade service level by providing a flexible personal facility but most importantly we give our clients back time in their day, saving them hours in admin and researching.

evodo was born in the Managing Directors, Matthew C.O. Phauré garage, to now trading across the world. We give thanks to every one of our clients for the first chance they gave us and make sure we back up every single promise we make.

Mission statements

At evodo we want to inspire and empower the working office; One person, one company and one city at a time, supplying the best office solutions, products and service possible.

Economic mission statement

To operate the company on a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth, increasing value for our stakeholders and expanding opportunities for development and career progression for our employees.

Matthew Phaure

Matthew C.O. Phaure

evodo group Managing Director
Matthew started his career in stock broking and corporate finance. He was mainly in charge of sales and training staff, working for large banks to private equity companies.

When setting up evodo he was contacted by market leaders to join their teams, but stayed true and built evodo up from the ground. He is qualified in accounts, CRM accreditations and business management. His best phrase is “lead by example”

Reece Humphreys

Reece O Humphreys

Reece has a very diverse background, previously managing a building company. He then sold that business and pursued a career in sales. Within his first year of employment Reece was able to become the number one sales man at a leading office supplies company operating within central London. Reece is currently the operational director over at evodo.

Gavin Nebbeling

Gavin Nebbeling

Head of Photocopier & Franking Solution. Gavin was a professional football player, playing for teams such as Crystal Place and Fulham in the 1980’s. Then started a career in the Corporate Photocopier business. He is highly respected and known in the industry for solving problems and providing solutions not just national but internationally.


Dan Coshall

Dan worked previously for one of the largest supermarket brands in CRM and warehouse management. He was head hunted to run the back office of evodo and has been a core member of the founding staff. Dan is a keen rugby player in the Kent league and ski’s frequently.


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Our Corporate Social Responsibilities

Race for Life

On Sunday the 6th of July evodo supported “Race for Life”! By sponsoring one of our Top Salesmen Jordon Llewendon’s girlfriend and her team, to run on behalf of evodo.

Danielle and her team ran extremely well and completed the 5k race within 30mins. A big well done from the evodo team !

evodo sponsor Race for Life

Apprenticeships & Community support

We work with 3 local colleges, supporting their students find work and also give the opportunity for full time jobs and training.

Managing Director, Matthew C.O. Phauré is a mentor to over 20 students.


Charities we support

Breast Cancer – race for life 2014 being completed by Lindsay Briggs
Movember – 2013 we raised £5,700.
We are doing the  National Three Peeks Challenge this May 2014

Career Opportunities

At evodo our staff force is performing at the highest levels they possibly can, and have the support they aspire.  In turn we rewarded with a generous pay structure higher than the industry average. Current roles available;

Sales Apprentice:

As a sales apprentice you will be responsible for qualifying and generating new sales opportunities. You as an individual will have an understanding of our cliental, be highly motivated to drive for results and have a dynamic personality being able to adapt at any situation. Full in-house training is provided and day release to local college

Sales Executive:

As a sales executive you will be responsible for dealing with new and existing clients. Expanding relationships, looking for potential business opportunities and building strong rapport. Throughout your day you will be performing a range of tasks, pitching new leads, closing new business and sometimes  be out of the office meeting our clients.

Account manager:

As the account manager you will be in charge of taking on board new orders, checking stock levels and providing a price list for all customers. You will be the person that is able to keep all of our customers up to date on their orders by talking directly to our delivery drivers. If something doesn’t go exactly to plan than you’re the logistical person to be able to make a suitable alternative for both the customer and the business.

Back office specialist:

As the back office specialist your main role is to look after evodo’s customer relationships manager system. You will also look after the negotiation on prices with some suppliers, trouble shooting any errors that may appear and assist our drivers in their daily job.

Delivery driver:

Being one of our delivery driver’s means that you have to have more than just knowledge on the roads you will also have to be likeable and dynamic. Our customers want to be able to get to know you and feel comfortable with our service. You will be in contact purely with our account manager and back office specialist directing you throughout your day and laying out your schedule.

Account ledger:

As the account ledger you will be in charge of the company's money and how it's spent. Overseeing payments made both in and out to the company. You will have an understanding of cash flow and acknowledge when the company could save money.

If you feel you would like to work for evodo send an email to: careers@evodo.co.uk and include a cover letter and your CV.


· evodo currently operates across the UK & International (branch tours are welcomed)

· Next branches to open – Manchester UK & New York USA

Evodo locations map

Contact Us

Head Office: Evodo House, 1 Cresswell Park, Blackheath Village, London SE3 9RD

Telephone: 020 8090 3300

Email: info@evodo.co.uk